What is the KSBoychoir Festival? It is a one day festival for boys with unchanged voices who love to sing, who have found their singing voices, and who have some choral experience. It is sponsored by the Keystone State Boychoir (KSB). Participants will leave the Festival recharged with a renewed sense of self-esteem as boy singers.

Where is the Festival held? The rehearsal home of the Keystone State Boychoir, First Presbyterian Church in Germantown, 35 W. Chelten Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19144.

What is the date of the Festival?Wednesday, May 24, 2017, from 10:00 am to 7:00pm (6:15 pm concert).

Who is the main contact for the Festival? Contact the Festival Coordinator via email at KSBoychoirfestival@keystonestateboychoir.org.

Who are the Festival Conductors? Joseph Fitzmartin and Steven Fisher, Music Director and Associate Director of the Keystone State Boychoir, both of whom are highly respected in the world of children’s choirs and recognized as experts in the area of boychoirs.

How can a boy participate? A music educator recommends singers through the Festival website (music educators, to recommend singers now click here). Once a singer has been recommended, parents are responsible for registering their singers online, which includes paying the registration fee (a credit card will be necessary to complete the registration process). Parents, to register your son now click here.

What if my singer is home-schooled or does not have a music educator? Boys can still participate as long as they have unchanged voices, they love to sing, they have found their singing voices, and, ideally, have some singing experience. If a parent is unsure whether or not their son meets these criteria, contact Steve Fisher at 215-849-1762 or sfisher@cychoirs.org.

How does the parent of a singer register a boy? Parents, to register your son now click here.

What if my son’s school is covering his registration fees? Then simply fill out the Singer Information Form. Parents, to do so now click here.

What if a singer’s music educator wishes to complete the entire online registration (payment and Singer Information) rather than have the parent do it? The music educator will have to send a hard copy of the Singer Information form home so that the parent can fill it out. Once returned by the singer, the music educator can complete the online registration process.

What is the deadline for registration? Wednesday, May 17

Does the music educator have to register? Yes. While music educators are not responsible for registering individual singers (unless it is of their choosing), they must register themselves. This involves providing the names and grades of the boys they have selected for participation in the festival. To do so, music educators should click here. Once Music Educators register, we will send them the same music that the boys will have access to once they are registered. Music Educators with singers participating in the Festival receive two complimentary tickets to the evening’s concert.

Is there a cost involved for a singer? Yes, the participation cost for each singer is $40, which includes music, meals, snacks, and the KSBoychoir Festival t-shirt.

Are there scholarships available for students who want to participate but are unable to pay? There is a limited amount of scholarship money available. Contact Commonwealth Youthchoirs Managing Director Martha Platt at mplatt@cychoirs.org for more information.

Does the Festival Concert cost money? Yes. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12 and seniors. Family and friends are welcome to attend. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the festival, either at the morning drop off or at the door before the concert.

How does a singer prepare for the Festival? There is no preparation necessary! All music will be supplied and rehearsed at the festival.

Is there a limit to the number of boys that can come from one school? Yes, there is a limit of five boys per school. If a music educator has additional students who would like to attend, they can be placed on a waiting list by contacting the festival coordinator by email at KSBoychoirfestival@keystonestateboychoir.org.

Does the music educator have to attend the Festival with the singer(s)? No. Music Educators are most welcome to attend the Festival, but are not required to attend, and may also attend for part of the day.

What if my son’s music educator does not attend the Festival? Who is supervising the boys? The boys will be supervised by the KSBoychoir Festival staff and volunteers.

May parents attend the Festival? The Festival Conductors recommend that parents not attend the Festival, as an important aspect of the Festival experience is for the boys to bond with their singing peers outside of the home and school setting. The boys will be supervised by the KSBoychoir Festival staff, music educators, and volunteers. If a parent insists on attending the Festival, we respectfully request that they be a silent, sideline observer and not interact with their son during rehearsals, breaks, or meals.

What should the singer wear? Singers should wear a nice pair of shorts, clean sneakers, and a collared shirt (no t-shirts, sandals, or flip flops). For the concert, he will wear a Festival T-Shirt over the shirt he wears to the Festival.

Are meals/snacks included? Yes. The singers will not go hungry! Snacks, water, juice, lunch, and dinner are all included. Pretzels, fruit, vegetables, hoagies, and pasta are on the menu. Alternatively, boys may bring their own brown-bag lunch and/or dinner if they prefer.

What if my singer has food allergies? Parents are provided an opportunity to let us know about their son’s allergies and medical conditions when they register online. Please make sure we are aware of any issues that might affect him during the festival day.

What if I have questions that have not been answered? Feel free to contact the festival coordinator by email at KSBoychoirfestival@keystonestateboychoir.org

What is KSB’s technology policy? KSB does not allow the use of technology, including cell phones, at KSB events. Your son’s cell phone should be turned off before he arrives at the Festival and remain off for the duration of the Festival. Should he need to use his cell phone while at the Festival, he should ask a staff member. The KSB directors feel strongly that music-making is a sacred endeavor that is worthy of being “ring tone” free. They acknowledge the important role technology plays in helping children and parents stay in touch. Permission will certainly be granted for any important communication between singer and parent.